Monday, 13 January 2014

Christmas Stitching is a no-go for me!

Hi guys,

I am updating this blog from the plane on a Monday morning!

I haven't updated in so long but I have been so busy with uni (two assignments due in one after the other) and then the holidays. I hope everyone had a good time at the holidays :)
So I am almost finished stitching a biscornu for an exchange I am doing on I am going to make another photo assembly tutorial and that will be up soon :).
Before the holiday period I tried stitching a didn't happen. Normally I am good at Christmas stitching but I only managed one tag and half of a decoration!  Very bad on my part but my uni work was so heavy I just didn't have the time. I didn't even use the tag I made!!  
Anyway...there will be an update at some point this week and my photo tutorial will be up this week to :)

Hope you enjoy it and stay stitchy :)

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