Tuesday, 25 November 2014

Christmas Stitching

Christmas time is upon us and everyone rushes to finish their Christmas pressies and decorations. I have been there. Getting gift tags done and Christmas cards. Thinking about doing a table cloth or runner or even a tree mat. Then Christmas comes and I don't feel I've done enough :/

So this year I am going to miss Christmas stitching. I know. A big taboo. The main reason is that I am just back into stitching after my moving in break so I don't want to throw myself into rushing to get deadlines finished. I am enjoying working at my own pace and relaxing as I stitch. I may do the odd gift tag (as I get them free with my magazine subscription) but that'll be about it. 

So that's it for me for Christmas stitching this year. Let me know if you are doing Christmas stitches and what you're doing. 

I'll have a WIP update soon and a review of the ever popular thread magic. 

Until next time stay stitchy :)

Sunday, 16 November 2014

Pako Floss Organiser

So I recently purchased the pano flop organiser and thought I would give you a run-down. 

I bought this as I thought it would be great for projects where the floss all comes bundled together. So I used it on my current WIP (Beauty and the Beast) as this came with four lumps of thread. 

This is a picture when all my floss is on. It is a great tool and very simple to use. You simply pop the floss over the hook and place it between the little rubber stoppers. Then write the corresponding number or symbol on the paper provided. 

This is a great tool when you have projects without a floss card included. I have to say, though, that I would never use it when the floss card is included. I wouldn't go to the trouble of taking out the floss and putting it on this. 

My main issue is the number of threads it can hold. Each side has 25 hooks - enough for 50 floss colours. This may seem a lot but if you are doing a HEAD or something big, you are going to have to split up the colours and decide what colours to do first. Even on my Beauty and the Beast design it wasn't big enough and I had thread left over. 

All in all the product is ok. I just wish it was a little bigger and could hold more. If anyone knows of any other thread organisers (that are bigger), let me know and I'll give it a go :)

Thanks for reading and stay stitchy x x

Monday, 3 November 2014

Mystery Box Review

Hi guys,

I have not updated here in a while for the simple fact that I have moved.  I probably mentioned this before but it has been a nightmare getting everything ready (we've still got boxes to unpack!!)  So this is me just getting back to my cross stitch! 

I have made a few purchases over the last few weeks and I am going to go over them and review them.  Mainly because I want you to get an idea of what exactly you are looking at before you buy.  There will be WIP updates and the likes as well but I thought i'd throw some reviews in here as well :)

So the first review will be for the Hobby Warehouse I Love Cross Stitch mystery box.  The box itself is £14.99 but you are guarenteed at least two kits worth £30.  Hobby Warehouse have a range of mystery boxes but, as a cross stitcher, that's what I went with.

Now I was a bit disapointed with the packaging.  When something says 'mystery box' you expect a box!  It just came inside a pouch which was inside another pouch.  It was, in fairness, well packaged for what it was - the package was bubble wrapped and would have been well protected from any shipping mishaps.

When I opened the package I found two kits;

Embroidered Morning Counted Cross Stitch Kit and
Pink Floral Cat Counted Cross Sitch Kit

I immediately fell in love with the first kit I got but I wasn't too enamoured with the second.  Of course this is personal preference and others may love it.  It just wasn't me or something I'd normally stitch.  The Morning kit is not something I would have chosen either but I just loved the design and I will stitch it.  The cat I may give away at some point!

The total value for the kits I got was £24.08, which is slightly less than the value quoted but it is still £10 off.  So for the price of the morning kit I loved, I got a feww kit, is how I'm looking at it!

The kits are pretty good value and give you a chance to be sent some kits that you would not necessarily choose for yourself.  This can be a gamble as you may hate what you get or you may fall in love with something you would never have chosen for yourself.  Even if you dislike it, you may be able to find someone to gift it to or even cross stitch it for a friend you know will love it.

All in all it was a pretty good deal and I would do it again if I had the inclination.  I hope you found this review useful and hope you come back to read more and get more inspiration.

If you would like to see the other mystery boxes or get the cross stitched one youself, go here

See you next time and stay stitchy :)

Wednesday, 28 May 2014

WIP Updated Pic

Hi guys,

I have managed to get a bit more stitching done and have a new picture.

It may look a but crazy but this is what it will look like in the end;

Just now I am focussing on packs of colour which is why it may seem all over the place. The kit comes with four lots of floss bundled up. So I thought it would be easier to work in bundles at a time. 

I'll update when I get a bit further on. I think I'll do an update each week or each milestone. 

Hope you enjoyed this WIP update :)

Happy stitching ✂️

Tuesday, 27 May 2014


My current WIP is a Disney Collestions kit of Beauty and the Beast. It is so pretty and I am enjoying stitching it. I'm not very far along (as I have just started) but I am really enjoying it. 

I've got a bit more than this done but need to get a pic on the go :). Will get a pic tomorrow and post my most up to date pic then :)

Have a happy stitching day :)

Monday, 12 May 2014

Back to Stitching!

I know I haven't updated this in a while but I have not been stitching recently.  I have had a lot of different pulls on my time and have had no time for stitching...until now!

Over the past few months I have moved work location from London back to Scotland.  I have then been studying like crazy.  Two years ago I started a second degree in Astronomy and Planetary Science because I LOVE punishing myself!  This has taken the majority of my time.  I have had so many assignments due (two on Wednesday!) and I have had to devote myself to studying for the past few months.

But I am back on the stitchy trail.  I have started a Beauty and the Beast cross stitch and I will get some pics up soon!  I have also joined a cross stitch group on facebook, Cross Stitch and Discuss #2.  It's a closed group but anyone can join and it pushes you back into cross stitch! 

Well that's all for now but I will be back with WIP pics and updates :)

Saturday, 18 January 2014

Exchange gift!

Quick post today :)

I got the post today and inside was my gift from the 'All that Glitters' exchange. 

It is a beautiful coaster featuring a lovely pink butterfly. The butterfly is on sparkly Aida with some lovely metallic thread. You can't quite make thease features out from the pic but it is just adorable. 

I really enjoyed taking part in the exchange and I absolutely adore my gift!  I have said it before and I'll say it again - take part in an exchange. They are so much fun and it is a great way to stitch for people who will appreciate the time and effort that has gone into the work. 

Anyway, I best be going as it is very late. See you next time and stay stitchy :) 

Thursday, 16 January 2014

Biscornu Photo Tutorial

Hi guys :)

As you know, I take part in exchanges on www.cross-stitching.com/forum and this month I took part in an exchange called 'All that glitters'.  The point of the exchange was to try new things, using threads, fabrics or techniques that you don't often use, and sent the gift to your exchange partner.  I decided that I would stitch a biscornu and use beads.  Now I have only ever made 1 biscornu before (which turned out ok...not great but ok!) and I have only ever used beads a handful of times, so I thought this was perfect.

So now I am going to go through a picture tutorial and try to make it as simple as possible!

The Tutorial

First you need to stitch your two designs.  Remember that you need a front and back piece for this to work.  It is in essence a small cushion!

This is a polstitches design.  I thought it was very sweet and since my partner didn't like green, I thought it would be perfect for her! (there is a tiny bit of green in the middle, but I am hoping she overlooks it!)  The important thing about the design at this stage (particularly if you are adapting it from a pattern yourself) is that the outer edge should have a backstitched border running all the way around it.  Each segment should have one stitch; it cannot be long stitch and you can't have your backstitch running over more than one block.  These borders are used to put the biscornu together and are very important!

Next you need to trim your design.

You should cut your stitching to approximately 0.6cm.  I have cut mine a little bigger here as I like to make sure that there is enough fabric as when you pull your stitching tight later on, it can cause big gaps in the fabric if it is too short (my experience with my first biscornu).

Next thing you need to do is find the centre of your backstitched border on one side.  This is where you are going to start stitching and putting the biscornu together.

You find the centre of the border on one piece of stitching and then find the corner of a second piece of stitching as shown above.  Now we are ready to put it together. 
Secure your thread on the back of your work and bring the needle up at the corner point where you are going to be working.  Now you simply pass your needle under the first backstitch to the left of the corner and then pass your needle under the middle stitch on the other piece.  Make sure you do not go through the fabric; you are going under the thread only!  This should bring the pieces together by one stitch. 

You continue this method (whipstitch) all along the first side of the biscornu; going under a thread on your first piece of stitching and under a thread on your second piece of stitching.

When you get to the corner, continue in the same method, just ensuring that the extra fabric is tucked on (what will be) the inside of the biscornu.  You can also add beads to the corner of the biscornu at this point or add them later (or not at all, like me!).  You need to conitnue in this method all the way round and the sides will start to form.

Continue to stitch the sides and when you have completed the seventh side it is time to stuff it.  I did have a picture of this but it has disappeared so you may have to use your imagination! 

I fill my biscornu with white polyester toy filling (from sew and so) and used a lot of it to make it quite fat.  I then finished sewing up the final side and secured the thread on the inside of the fabric.

The next step is to secure the buttons.

Secure a button to the front of the biscornu (pass the thread through the button a few times to make sure its secure.)  Make sure you have long thread for this!  Pass the needle through to the other side of the biscornu and attach a button there. 

Once the other button is secure, pull the thread tight (so that there is an indentation in the centre of the biscornu) and pass the needle back through to the front of the biscornu.  Do this a few time (to make sure that the indentation stays when you let the thread go) and then secure the thread on the inside of the biscornu.  The shape should stay and you have a finished biscornu!

If you didn't add beads to the corner before, you can do so now (as you normally would) or you could attach a charm to it as well.

I hope this picture tutorial has been helpful and if you need help with anything, let me know.  If there is anything that is unclear, let me know and I will fix it.  Sorry one of the pictures didn't work out!  I took it last night and it has simply disappeared.  One of the wonders of technology!

Anyway hope you enjoyed this and try it yourselves. 

See you next time and stay stitchy! :)

Monday, 13 January 2014

Christmas Stitching is a no-go for me!

Hi guys,

I am updating this blog from the plane on a Monday morning!

I haven't updated in so long but I have been so busy with uni (two assignments due in one after the other) and then the holidays. I hope everyone had a good time at the holidays :)
So I am almost finished stitching a biscornu for an exchange I am doing on www.cross-stitching.com/forum. I am going to make another photo assembly tutorial and that will be up soon :).
Before the holiday period I tried stitching a lot...it didn't happen. Normally I am good at Christmas stitching but I only managed one tag and half of a decoration!  Very bad on my part but my uni work was so heavy I just didn't have the time. I didn't even use the tag I made!!  
Anyway...there will be an update at some point this week and my photo tutorial will be up this week to :)

Hope you enjoy it and stay stitchy :)