Sunday, 16 November 2014

Pako Floss Organiser

So I recently purchased the pano flop organiser and thought I would give you a run-down. 

I bought this as I thought it would be great for projects where the floss all comes bundled together. So I used it on my current WIP (Beauty and the Beast) as this came with four lumps of thread. 

This is a picture when all my floss is on. It is a great tool and very simple to use. You simply pop the floss over the hook and place it between the little rubber stoppers. Then write the corresponding number or symbol on the paper provided. 

This is a great tool when you have projects without a floss card included. I have to say, though, that I would never use it when the floss card is included. I wouldn't go to the trouble of taking out the floss and putting it on this. 

My main issue is the number of threads it can hold. Each side has 25 hooks - enough for 50 floss colours. This may seem a lot but if you are doing a HEAD or something big, you are going to have to split up the colours and decide what colours to do first. Even on my Beauty and the Beast design it wasn't big enough and I had thread left over. 

All in all the product is ok. I just wish it was a little bigger and could hold more. If anyone knows of any other thread organisers (that are bigger), let me know and I'll give it a go :)

Thanks for reading and stay stitchy x x

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