Thursday, 12 March 2015

Card Exchange

It's been a couple of months since over updated this but it's mainly because I've been out of stitching and into studying!  I've been doing a second degree for almost three years now and it's getting harder. My first degree was law and not I'm doing astronomy (a passion). I have to work a lot harder than in my first degree and I've had to give up stitching while I got three assingnments out of the way :(. But I'm back!!

I got back into stitching because of a card exchange set up on the facebook group 'Cross Stitch and Discuss 2'. Now I always keep my eye on the forum to look at people's work and to keep up with what's happening. I came across the card thread and it seemed amazing.  It's an exchange to send a card (stitched or not) to three people and three people send cards to you. 

So I decided to stitch my three cards (small pieces!) and pick three people to send them to. I picked two people from New Zealand and one person from the U.S.  I thought I would show you the three finished cards :)

All three are from the same company and they all came with everything you need to complete the card. They were really quick (all complete within an hour) and they have a great effect. 

I got all three from so it is worth a look. Quick finishes and beautiful results. 

Well I'll see you with my next post. Stay stitchy :)

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